Ove, behind the curtain.

I’m a kind old man full of experiences gained during a very content rich life. I decided early that life is to be lived, not saved for later. I would never sacrifice anything for comfort and no one will ever have to push me to move on. If I find doing it being the best choice, I just do it.


I had the world’s best parents and I was raised in an abundance of possibilities under responsibility. I can’t remember my parents ever stopping me from doing anything, they just made sure that I understood what I was about to do.

Mantra 1

”Impossible” only means that it has not yet been done, not that you can’t be the first one to do it.

Lesson 1

The best foundation for success is the understanding of how things work.

After 20 years in school (resulting in 3 university degrees) I firmly believe that experience of success is far more valuable than education and titles so try to find yourself an experienced mentor.

If you are lucky the school will teach you how to learn things, but if you are not, then you will have to learn that through the mistakes you make in real life.

School should (at least) teach you how to listen, but since it doesn’t, you will learn that best from trying to understand animals. When you have learned to understand animals you have a much better chance to understand humans (but don’t hope for too much). Listening is very little about hearing and much more about opening all your senses.

Two decades ago I trimmed horse hooves for a very skilled animal communicator and he said that he had never met anyone who his horses wanted to communicate so much with. He said that when I entered his stable all his horses started trying to communicate with me. I responded that it sounded very interesting but I didn’t hear anything. He then said that if you are waiting to hear something from the outside then you have misunderstood how it works. You must eliminate all suppositions, thoughts and beliefs and trust the feeling you experience. Now, decades later, I can clearly see that animals understand that I actually can comprehend what they want me to understand. Thinking back I understand that back then I reacted without thinking since I didn’t understand that they were communicating with me but today I have learned to transform my feelings to thoughts. This has taught me that the feelings I get while communicating are much more important that the words I hear.

Lesson 2

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because if you can keep the good parts and shake off the bad parts they will make you leap forward at an exceptional pace.

Mantra 2

Don’t ever give up. Adjust you objectives and increase your efforts and you will come much closer to success the next time.

Lesson 3

  • What you can’t prove you don’t know.
  • What you can’t teach you don’t master.
  • Results you can’t repeat was just luck.
  • If you are not humble no one will neither listen to you nor trust you.
  • You don’t know everything, but you might be able to find most answers.
  • Coming up with the best solution and making it work are equally important.

To be continued…..






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